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Carolina's Indie Darling


Kristi Ray is a multi-award winning performer making waves as a leading lady in the independent film scene for more than a decade. Based in the Southeast market, she’s starred in dozens of internationally acclaimed narrative features and short films which have collectively received over 50 awards including Best Actress in a Feature, Outstanding Performer of the Year and multiple Grand Jury Prizes. 


As a full time actress and producer, her work in cinema began at age 17 with the leading role in a Southern avant-garde feature The Virgins.  She was invited on referral to train under Lola Cohen at Lee Strasberg in NYC, receiving a full scholarship and deeply honing her skills as a method actor.  


Recognizing an obvious gender-gap in above-the-line positions for women, she co-founded the award winning, female-led production company Honey Head Films.  She has produced nearly 100 projects including 13 of narrative shorts, commercials and several documentaries. Kristi Ray has spent the last year producing the highly anticipated debut feature from Honey Head: A Song For Imogene, which she also stars in.   

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