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Carolina's Indie Darling


Kristi Ray is a multi-award winning performer who’s been making waves in the independent film scene for more than a decade.  Her work as a leading lady gravitates toward dynamic characters and strong, compelling, female-centric stories.She takes the creative process of filmmaking very seriously, being recognized on several occasions for her abilities with several wins for Best Actress In A Feature, Best Supporting Actress as well as Outstanding Performer of the Year and a handful of other nominations for her efforts in independent cinema.


As a full time actress and producer, her work in cinema began at age 17 with the leading role in a Southern avant-garde feature The Virgins.  She was invited on referral to train under Lola Cohen at Lee Strasberg in NYC, receiving a full scholarship and deeply honing her skills as a method actor.   


Tapping into the bustling film scene in her home state of North Carolina, in 2016 she co-founded Honey Head Films - an award winning, female owned and operated production house with a mission-driven approach to narrative filmmaking.  As a producer and actress Kristi Ray is intentionally moving the needle forward for marginalized creatives in cinema - both in front of and behind the lens.  She stars in the latest Honey Head feature A Song For Imogene - which is currently in the festival circuit - boasting a 100% above-the-line female team and exceptional crew made up of 70% women. 


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