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Carolina's Indie Darling


Kristi Ray is a multi-hyphenate creative who’s been making waves in the independent film scene for the past fifteen years.  With a background in theatre, she began her acting career onstage at just six years old, staring in her first feature film 12 years later.  Classically trained at Lee Strasberg in NYC, her work as a leading lady gravitates toward dynamic characters and strong, compelling, female-centric stories.  Kristi Ray has won several awards for her work in cinema, including Best Actress in a Feature, Best Supporting Actress, Outstanding Performer of the Year along with many other nominations.  With small-town roots and an insatiable desire for growth, she has lived and worked in all seven of America’s major production hubs; eventually settling in the burgeoning film city of Wilmington, North Carolina.  A self-made entrepreneur, in 2016 she co-founded Honey Head Films - an award winning, female owned production house with a mission-driven approach to narrative filmmaking.  As a creative producer and actress Kristi Ray is intentionally moving the needle forward for marginalized voices in cinema - both in front of and behind the lens.  She stars in a number of feature films including the latest Honey Head feature A Song For Imogene boasting a 100% above-the-line female team and exceptional crew made up of 70% women.  


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